Celebrating Glenview’s Eco-Successes!

We are pleased to announce that GPSS was one of two schools in Ontario to win the STAPLES SUPERPOWER YOUR SCHOOL CONTEST for the 2019/2020 school year! Glenview Park was chosen for this monetary award based on our Environmental Leadership at school and in our community. A HUGE SHOUT OUT to both staff and students from the Horticulture Program and the Glenview CARES team for all of the efforts contributing to this award.  Also, a HUGE THANK YOU to the staff, students and community members who support our ongoing eco-initiatives.

Glenview is the first secondary school in the WRDSB to achieve Platinum Certification by the Ontario Eco-Schools program! Since our designation, we have been working hard to maintain this prestigious status with a variety of eco-initiatives!

Acting environmentally responsible is second nature here at GPSS.  From recycling and green bin programs, subject specific curriculum and field trips,  to energy conservation campaigns and Earth Week challenges, GPSS staff and students embrace environmental education and action.

2019 GPSS Climate Action Pledge    (Signed by both Staff and Students)



Since 2011, GPSS has been GOLD certified 5 times by the Ontario Eco-Schools program and PLATINUM certified the 4 times following.  During this time, Eco-Club and Glenview CARES staff and students have facilitated many successful campaigns (listed below) and have received both the Tim Walker memorial award and the WRDSB Eco-Schools recognition award twice for our continued conservation efforts.


Initiatives have included:

  • Anti-Idling and Traffic Decongestion Campaign
  • Battery Bin Collection
  • Recycling, Green Bin programs (Including Waste Sorting Stations)
    • Significant diversion rate of ~50%
  • Monitors off and Lights Out Campaigns
    • Significant reduction in energy use from 2009
  • GOOS paper use and a significant reduction in photocopying
  • Clothing Drives
  • Energy and Waste Audits
  • E-Waste/Scrap Metal Recycling
  • Styrofoam Collection for Repurposing
  • Glenview Park Learns in the Dark (Earth Hour Initiative)
  • 1000 Acts of Green Earth Week Challenge
  • Theme Days like “Travel Mug Tuesday” or “Walk to School Wednesday”
  • Litter Clean-ups
  • Community Gardens
  • Outdoor Learning Areas at GPSS and Central PS
  • Tree Nursery and Planting on-site (Shade Project)
  • Native Plants and Vegetable Gardens
  • Raising Chickens for Eggs, Meat and Fertilizer!






 Baby Chicks   






Barrel Planter           

Floral Arrangements


In addition to our many initiatives and curriculum “in”, “about” and “for” the environment, Glenview’s students enjoy both studying, working, practicing, competing and relaxing in our outdoor areas. Click HERE to view a photo journal of Glenview’s outdoor spaces.