How to Make an Online Guidance Appointment
1. Scroll down and click on your guidance counsellor’s image.
2. Complete the form that displays. You will receive a blue appointment slip in your homeroom

Important Dates

University & College Visits 2019 –  2019 Schedule of visits coming soon!

Important Documents

Grade 11 Post-Secondary Research  Planning (I.P.P.)
Click here to view the form.

Guidance Staff Member Phone Extension Alphabetical Assignment
Vanda Small

Mrs. Gardiner



Head of Guidance

Student Surnames – C D K M R W X

Mrs. Gomez

5520 Guidance Secretary

Ms. Caplin


All Grade 9 IB Students

Student Surnames – P V

Adam Small

Mr. Haalboom

5527 Student Surnames –  B T
fatima small

Mrs. Hall

5526 Student Surnames – E H L Y Z
Neil Small

Mr. Sprenger

5528 Student Surnames – A G I N O J

Mr. Stigter

5529 Student Surnames – F Q S U