• Information in the google classrooms include volunteering information, Ontario literacy requirements, post-secondary planning, course cancellations, scholarships, important school announcements.
  • Reach out to your Guidance Counsellor if you need the code to join.


Important Documents

2022-2023 Grade 9-12 Course Calendar. Click here to view the booklet

Glenview Park Course Calendar 2022-2023


2022-2023 Grade 9 Course Calendar. Click here to view the booklet

Grade 9 Course Calendar 2022-2023


2022-2023 Grade 8-9 Course Selection Form. Click here to view the form

Grade 8 to Grade 9 Course Selection – Sept. 2022


2022-2023 Grade 8-9 IB Course Selection Form. Click here to view the form

Grade 8 to Grade 9 IB Course Selection – Sept. 2022


2023-2024 Grade 8-9 Fast Forward Information – Please see your home school.

Grade 9 Fast Forward Information 2022


Grade 11 Post-Secondary Research  Planning (I.P.P.).

Click here to view the form.


*For all current WRDSB students, please submit forms to your home school Guidance Counsellor.  Further information for non-WRDSB students will be posted shortly.

Please complete and email  the following information below if you are a grade 8 student from a NON-Waterloo Region District School  and you would like to attend Glenview Park Secondary School in September 2022. (for example students currently attending the Cambridge Christian School, St. Vincent de Paul, Ontario Muslim Academy etc.)
Please email these documents to the Guidance Secretary Jacy Gomez at:
1. Complete the online registration form here which will automatically be sent to Mrs. Gomez
2.  Complete the Grade 9 Course Course Selection form  Gr 9 Course Selection Form 2022-2023 Grade 8 to Grade 9 Course Selection – Sept 2022  and email to Mrs. Gomez
3.  Scan and email a copy of your most recent report card (grade 7 final or grade 8 mid term) to Mrs. Gomez.
4. Scan and email a copy of students’ birth certificate and proof of address (for example utility bill, phone bill  with parents name etc.)
If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Gomez or call at 519 621-9510 extension 5520.
How to Make an Online Guidance Appointment
1. Scroll down and click on your guidance counsellor’s image.
2. If you’re in person, your counsellor will meet with you at your appointment time. If you’re at home, your counsellor will call or meet with you virtually.

Guidance Staff Member Phone Extension Alphabetical Assignment
Vanda Small

Mrs. Gardiner



Head of Guidance

               Student Surnames-                  C D K M P R X Z

Mrs. Gomez

5520 Guidance Secretary

Ms. Caplin


All Grade 10 IB Students



Adam Small

Mr. Haalboom

5527 Student Surnames –  B F U
`fatima small

Mrs. Hall

5526 Student Surnames -H I J N Q
Neil Small

Mr. Sprenger

5528 Student Surnames – A G O W

Mrs Ropp

5540 Student Surnames – E S T Y


School Social Worker 

Ms. Ridsdale

3037 All students 



School Child & Youth Worker

Mrs. Meadus 

3047 Student Surnames: A – K

Mrs. Chard

5530 Student Surnames: L-Z