How to Make an Online Guidance Appointment
1. Scroll down and click on your guidance counsellor’s image.
2. Complete the form that displays. You will receive a blue appointment slip in your homeroom

Important Dates
University & College Visits 2018 – This document lists all of the dates for the upcoming University & College Visits.

Important Documents

Grade 11 Post-Secondary Research  Planning (I.P.P.)
Click here to view the form.

Guidance Staff Member Phone Extension Alphabetical Assignment

Rebecca Small

Mrs. Rowe

5520 Guidance Secretary
Vanda Small

Mrs. Gardiner



Head of Guidance

Student Surnames – A C D F J K M R Y Z

Adam Small

Mr. Haalboom

5527 Student Surnames –  B  P
fatima small

Mrs. Hall

5526 Student Surnames – E H L U V X
Neil Small

Mr. Sprenger

5528 Student Surnames – G I N O Q T
Christine Small

Mrs. Stimakovits

5529 Student Surnames – S  W