Welcome to the Yearbook Page.

At Glenview Park, Yearbook is a course you can take, the courses are IDC 4UI and IDC 4OI. Scroll down to see the Course Descriptor.

Yearbooks will be $40 again this year, or maybe a bit less if we do a smaller book this year.

To order your 2020-2021 GPSS Yearbook, use can School Day. We will have some more information on ordering very soon, so stay tuned.

Help us make a great Yearbook!  Share your awesome photos with us and we might put them in the Yearbook.
If you have some great photos you would like to share with us, you can do so by using this Google Form, where you can upload up to 10 photos at once.




Course Description:

In this course students will develop the necessary skills to design and create a school yearbook to be distributed to students. The major areas of study include photography, editing, writing/journalism, advertising/marketing and computer graphic design. Each student will also build skills in creativity, organization, time management, responsibility, and working collaboratively on a team. The focus of this course is to document the entire school year at Glenview Park through the creation and production of an exciting yearbook. Leadership roles and responsibility will vary between the Open and University levels and will be graded accordingly. Students will be expected to display mature, independent, working skills, both in and out of class as they work as part of the larger team. Each student will be expected to complete individual, assigned tasks, all of which will come together to form the finished product – a polished yearbook in which the entire school can take pride.  Students must strive to meet deadlines and to create and produce work that is of a high calibre to ensure success in this course. The first portion of the semester will be devoted to creating a foundational knowledge of the software, hardware and skills necessary in the creation of a yearbook. The second portion of the semester will allow the students to apply these skills in the production of our school’s yearbook.