Toyota Jido Shokki Visit

Each September, Glenview Park is honoured to host approximately 80 students from Japan. This amazing day includes an introductory assembly,  engaging and cross-curricular teacher run stations, a Canadian breakfast for lunch (prepared by our very own hospitality class) and a cultural exchange with cheering, dancing, origami, and more.  This day not only provides students with an opportunity to form international relationships, but further encourages an appreciation for cultural diversity.


Whether it’s a “Halloween Dance”,  “Tight and Bright” a “Throw Back” or a “Video Gaming and Dance Combo”, our Dances are always well attended, always filled with school spirit, and always a great way to have fun and unwind.

Annual Toy Drive

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Each December, Glenview Park leadership students team up with Final Two Assembly North of Toyota and run a fundraiser entitled “Change for Change”.  Jars are placed in each classroom and homerooms are challenged to raise as much change as possible.  The funds raised are then used to purchase toys or clothing for the Firefighter’s Annual Basket Fund.  Whether students donate twenty-five cents, help to collect and roll change, or shop for the event, this is an amazing opportunity for every staff member or student to get involved.

We are proud to announce that this past year we raised over $5000 and we were able to purchase an abundance of gifts for children and teens in our greater community.

Coffee House

Imagine great entertainment, the company of friends, comfy couches, delicious snacks, and freshly brewed coffee.  Our Coffee House not only showcases the talent of our musicians, songwriters, singers, and poets, but it does so in a manner that is conducive to relaxation.  For only two dollars, this annual event is sure to please.  Check out  the video below to get a peek at some of our past performers.


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Without a doubt, the most anticipated and well attended event is our Annual Semi-Formal.  Presented with the opportunity to dress to impress, students and our chaperones head off-site to celebrate in style.  In addition to some snack, beverages, and dancing, there is the always popular photo booth, where our students can capture some memories from this fantastic evening.

Semi-Formal takes place in January and is held at the Polish Club.

Glenview Park Car Show

The Glenview Park Technologies department celebrates the world of technology with our annual Car Show. Each year in the month of May, the Glenview students have a chance to see, hear and admire local cars, trucks and bikes. The back lot is filled with proud owners of these fine modern and historic vehicles. The students and local community get an opportunity to admire these vehicles, try different games and have a pulled pork lunch prepared by the Glenview Park Hospitality students.


Every graduate eagerly anticipates their prom, and this year is no exception.  Dressed in your finest attire, come “Into the Woods”  and enjoy your last dance as a Panther.  Held at The Pines, this year’s prom promises to be a memorable evening including a three course meal, a fantastic DJ, and professional photography, all within a picturesque venue.

Prom will take place on May 20th, 2016 and is $70.00 with a student card.

The Glennies

This year, the Glennies will take place in June.  With the intent of celebrating highlights from the year, recognizing staff and students with some silly, though well deserved awards, and entertaining the audience with student and staff performances, this high energy assembly is a favourite.

Check out our Tech Department getting their “Whip” on.

Glenview Games

We are extremely excited to announce the return of the popular Glenview Games. These games are a series of enjoyable and outrageous group activities. It is an opportunity for both staff and students to unwind from a busy and stressful school year by participating in a variety of outdoor events that encourage friendly competition.

This year, our leadership students have decided on Disney themed activities. So choose your team, choose your costumes and come together to partake in awesome and fun challenges.

Grad Breakfast


Each June, our graduating class is treated to a breakfast. Prepared by our hospitality class and served by our administration and staff, it is a chance to celebrate and reminisce. Following the breakfast, graduates will have the pleasure of listening to a motivational speaker who will address issues associated with the transition from high school to university, college or the work force.

This year’s Grad Breakfast is scheduled for June 16th and Andy Thibodeau will be addressing our class for the fourth year in a row.