The Glenview Park  community is a place where universal respect is highly valued. Our GPSSCode of Conduct and student guidelines are shared with parents, staff and students in order to established a common understanding of how we work together to make this school a safe, caring and equitable place for all students and staff to learn and work.  Our Safe, Caring and Inclusive Schools Team, which is made up of teacher, student, and parent representatives meets several times a year to plan, act, assess and reflect on our initiatives to encourage all members in our community to treat others as they wish to be treated – with mutual and genuine respect. We also work to resolve conflicts in a productive and considerate manner.  In any community, conflict occurs naturally and can usually be resolved through good communication. As with adult workplaces, schools are places with many varied and complex relationships. It can be reasonably expected that not everyone gets along or behaves as we would like all the time.  However, where one or many individuals carry out a specific, targeted, repeated and malicious attempt to exert power over another individual or group, and persistently disregard our collective efforts to help them stop, serious impacts to targeted individuals can occur.  This form of persecution has become more commonly known as “bullying” (ie., which exists in all its forms  such as physical, social and cyber-bullying). For more information on how GPSS and the WRDSB works to prevent, identify and react to bullying, please click the following links GPSS School-Bullying-Prevention-Implementation  and WRDSB Health and Safety