Student Council

Here at Glenview Park Secondary School, we pride ourselves in providing our students with a rich variety of extra-curricular programs.  While achieving academic success is of the utmost importance, we also want our  Panthers to develop a sense of belonging in our greater school community. There is no better way to achieve this, than getting involved.

Our Student Activities Council is comprised of a group of dedicated individuals who share a common goal—to make Glenview Park a welcoming and engaging community.  As such, they plan activities and events that cater to a broad range of interests and talents.

So if you are looking for like-minded people who share your passion, or alternatively wish to connect with students with diverse interests and perspectives, then come to the SAC office and let us get you connected.

Check for updates on twitter @sac_gpss

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Meet Our Co-Primes

Sarah Brennan

Hey Panthers! I’m Sarah Brennan and one of your Co-Primes for 2017-2018! I’ve been actively involved in several clubs/teams at Glenview including; SAC, DECA, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, FEDProv, Panther Post, Glenview CARES and more. As Co-Prime I’m excited to facilitate new and improved events. If you have any questions about SAC, school or anything in general, just ask me!

Thomas Calligaris

Hi there! My name is Thomas Calligaris and I’m one of your Co-Prime Ministers for the 2017-2018 school year! I take part in a variety of extracurriculars here at Glenview Park, with the top being the head of Student Council. If you see me in the halls, don’t hesitate to start a conversation with me! (I promise I’m not as serious as I look)