Welcome to Glenview Park Secondary School

Becoming a Glenview Park Panther is the start of a great adventure and is a wonderful privilege as you become a part of over 63 years of history and tradition. However, there is some important information that as a student, parent or guardian, you need to know.

Info for Future Glenview Panthers

This guide has been designed to help you understand what the transition to Grade 9 at Glenview Park will look and feel like.

Course Selection

If you are currently attending grade 8 in a WRDSB school, you will receive support throug your guidance counsellor for course selection.  For students in grade 8 in non-WRDSB schools, you are encouraged to submit a course selection form along with your registration package.

For information on courses and programs at Glenview Park, please review the information in our Grade 9 Course Calendar 2024-2025.

Grade 8 Information Night

When: Wednesday, January 10, 2024 from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Where: 55 McKay Street, Cambridge, Ontario N1R 4G6

Learn about:

  • Application Process
  • Fast Forward Program
  • Grade 9 Course Selections
  • IB Preparation Program (grades 9 & 10)
  • Levels of Course Study

Information Session starts at 6:30pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions About GPSS

What does a regular school day look like?

The school day begins at 8:15 am. The day is separated into four “blocks” (or “periods”) of 75 minutes each, with 5 minutes to travel between classes. Blocks A & B take place before lunch; Blocks C & D take place after lunch. Lunch begins at 10:50 am and lasts for one hour. The school day ends at 2:25 pm.

How do semesters work?

In high school, we separate your academic year by “semesters.” This means that in first “semester” you will have four courses, and in second “semester” you will have four different courses. First semester runs from September to late January, and Second semester starts in February and runs until the end of June.

This school is way bigger than my elementary school! How will I ever find where I’m supposed to be going?!

It’s actually easier than you think! High school is an adjustment for everyone, but luckily for you, our school isn’t too tough to figure out. There are four main halls at Glenview (A, B, C, & D). Each room is indicated by its hall location (“D”) and a number (“210”). If the number starts with a “1” it’s on the first floor (ex. 112). If the number starts with a “2” it’s on the second floor (ex. “215”). So, if you’re looking for room D211 you know you need to go to upper “D-hall.”

How do lockers work? Does everyone get one?

You sure do! Every student at Glenview can request a locker. To make sure your locker is a safe place to keep your important items, make sure you never share your locker combination with others.

Do you have a cafeteria?

Yes we do! The “caf” is a great place to eat with friends, or study after school. There are also lots of mini-events held in the caf throughout the year. During Covid, our cafeteria food service was halted, and it remains unclear if food service will return to GPSS (it’s a bit complicated). For 2022-23, we will have vending machines, which offer a limited number of food items.

Am I allowed to leave school property at lunch?

As long as your parents/guardians are okay with it, yes. There are a variety of places to grab lunch within walking distance from Glenview. Keep in mind that you need to behave respectfully when off-school property and that it is your responsibility to make sure that you are still on time for class after lunch.

I am a bus student. How do I know which bus to take?

In mid-August, visit the Student Transportation Services website at www.stswr.ca


How long is high school?

Often high school takes 4 years, although many students choose to stay for a 5th year. You need 30 credits to graduate (18 compulsory; 12 elective), plus successful completion of the literacy requirement usually in the form of the Literacy Test written most often in Grade 10; and completion of 40 hours of community service.

What is a timetable and how will I get one?

Your timetable is your own personal daily schedule. Students will receive a new timetable each semester that explains which courses you have, the teacher, and the room for each period of the day. Grade 9 students will receive their timetable for both semesters in the mail in mid-July. Grade 10, 11 and 12 students will get timetables delivered to their wrdsb gmail account in late August or from their homeroom teacher on the first day of school.

Is there a lot of homework in high school?

Different courses will have different amounts of homework assigned by the teacher. Some classes may have homework almost every day, while others won’t assign any homework at all. As long as there’s time, teachers will usually give you time in class to start your homework, and will be available to help you with homework questions! Try to make sure that you are staying on top of assigned homework and that you seek out your teachers for extra help if you need it.

Where can I get help with school work?

Always start by asking your teacher for help. Many teachers are available for extra help during lunch or after school, and can always be sought out or contacted by email. There are also lots of extra supports at Glenview to help you. If you need some help getting pointed in the right direction, make an appointment with your Guidance Counsellor.

Who is my Guidance Counsellor?

Every student at Glenview is assigned a Guidance Counsellor based on your last name. To find out who your guidance counselor is, check the Guidance page on the Glenview website.

Guidance counsellors can help with:

  • accessing school resources and supports
  • course changes
  • career planning
  • information about colleges, trades, apprenticeships, gap years, the world of work
  • scholarships
  • social and emotional concerns
  • issues around bullying
  • specialized programs (like Specialist High Skills Majors, cooperative programs, dual credits, I.B., Fast Forward)
  • community service hours
  • summer school information
How do I make an appointment with my Guidance Counsellor?

Go to the Guidance page on the Glenview website.  Scroll down and click on your guidance counsellor’s image.

Do I get a Chromebook?

Yes! Each Grade 9 student will get a Chromebook on the first day of school. You will keep that Chromebook until you graduate. You and your parent/guardian/caregiver will sign a “Chromebook Contract” in September, which tells you how to take care of your Chromebook and expectations if it’s damaged. Remember to keep your Chromebook charged so it is always ready to use.

What kinds of other supports are available?

The school library is located across from the East Gym and is open during the school day. While you must have teacher permission to use the library during class time (unless you are on spare), the library is always available during lunch, and often before and after school as well. The teacher-librarians can help you find reading materials and resources for projects, assist you with research, and lots more.

“Student Success” is used for students who may need an alternate learning location for a period of time. Your teacher may refer you to Student Success, where our amazing Student Success staff can assist you in many ways.

“LAC” (Learning Assistance Centre) supports students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs) The LAC is open throughout the school day. Your teacher may also refer you to LAC during class time for additional individualized support if you need it.

What are Child-Youth Workers (CYW) and Social Workers?

Glenview has two Child Youth Workers (CYWs) and one Social Worker who are available to students for social and emotional support. The CYWs and Social Worker can be found in the Guidance office.

How do I know what’s going on in the school?

Morning announcements are made daily during first period. We also have a Panther Proud Google Classroom that all students are invited to join. The Panther Proud Google Classroom is a great way to hear about opportunities and events at school and sometimes in the community. Our SAC  also hosts an Instagram account (@sac_gpss) you can follow.

Student Activities & Extracurriculars

What kinds of events go on at Glenview?

Most of our events are coordinated by our Student Activities Council (SAC), and they work hard to provide tons of fun events over the course of the school year. Highlights include spirit assemblies and spirit days, dances, our semi-formal, battle month, caf events, Panther Pit activities, movie nights, homeroom competitions, the Glennies and much more! Other events include our GPSS Arts’ Night.

What is a Student Card?

A Student Card is required for some after school events such as dances. Student Cards cost $40 (subject to change) and are typically sold on “blitz days” in September, when students can also purchase yearbooks. Parents can pay for Student Cards on SchoolDay. Any student playing on a school team or participating in a club will need a Student Card to join the team.

What kinds of clubs can I join?

Clubs and extracurricular activities are part of what makes your high school experience special, and we offer a wide variety of clubs to suit any kind of interest. In 2021-22, even with Covid restrictions, we were able to run the following clubs after school: BSU (Black Students’ Union), Glenview CARES (Eco, Social Justice), Yarn Club, Games Club (both video and board games), Drama Club, Book Club, Art Club, GSA (Gender Sexuality Alliance), Badminton Club, Music Club, Service Club, PantherPost Newspaper Club, and WiSTEM (Women in Science, Technology and Math).

I’m interested in the arts. Are there opportunities for me?

There sure are! The Art Club, Music Club, and Drama Club were all available in 2021-22. We aim to stage a musical at least once throughout everyone’s high school career, so stay tuned for news on how you can participate in that production as well.

How do I join a club?

Joining a club is easy! Listen for announcements about meetings, go to the room at the right time, and join! In September we host a  “Clubs Fair” at lunch where students could find out more about various clubs and sign up. Many Glenview Panthers join clubs that run a lunch time. It’s a great way to meet other students outside your classes. Most clubs allow you to drop-in any time the club is meeting.


I’ve got loads of Panther spirit already! How do we get spirit wear?

Spirit Wear is available in our “Tuck Shop” near the West Gym.

Listen for PA announcements to tell you how you can check spirit wear.


What kinds of sports are offered at Glenview?

There are three separate sports “seasons” at Glenview – Fall, Winter and Spring.  The sports we have at Glenview include:

Fall Winter Spring
Cross Country Badminton Boys’ Soccer
Boys’ Volleyball (junior and senior) Boys’ Basketball Girls’ Rugby
Field Hockey Girls’ Volleyball Girls’ Slo-Pitch
Football (junior and senior) Hockey Girls’ Soccer
Girls’ Basketball Swimming Track and Field

We also have a strong intramurals program and drop-in basketball running at lunch.


How do I get involved in a team? Are there tryouts?

To participate in a team at Glenview, students must purchase a student card (approximately $40), pay the WCSSAA sport fee, and follow the Glenview Park Athlete Code of Conduct. As the sports season approaches, coaches will put out an announcement for interested students and hold meetings where they will let you know about tryout requirements, fees, and equipment for the specific sport you are interested in. While some teams will hold tryouts, others will not!

Note: Fall sports start immediately in September. If you’re interested in playing a fall sport, make sure you listen for the announcements during the first week of school!

What’s up with these fees? How much are they?

Athletic fees are set by WCSSAA, the governing body for high school athletics in the WRDSB. They cover some of the costs of running the sport, while the school covers the remainder. The fees owed depend on the specific sport, and are the same at all 16 high schools in the WRDSB. Your coach will have information on specific sport fees.

What if I can’t afford a fee for sports or clubs? Can I still play?

We never want to let fees get in the way of student-athletes participating in sports at Glenview. If paying fees will cause financial hardship, please let your coach know.

Course Selection

How and when do I choose my courses for the next school year?

In February, guidance counsellors will share information about course selection.


What Does De-streaming Mean?

Prior to 2021, Grade 9 students would choose to take their compulsory subjects at either the applied or academic level. In September 2021, the Ministry of Education de-streamed Grade 9 math, meaning all Grade 9 students are taking the same math course this current year. For 2024, all grade 9 compulsory courses will be de-streamed or single streamed.  These compulsory courses include:

ENL1WI – English

FSF1DI  – Core French

CGC1WI – Geography

MTH1WI – Mathematics

SNC1WI – Science

Please note that students in the Fast Forward Program will take compulsory subjects at the Essential level.  These include:

ENG1LB – Essential English

CGC1WB – Essential Geography

MAT1LB – Essential Math

SNC1LB – Essential Science


Where to find us

How do I stay in touch with my school on social media?

In lots of ways! Follow these accounts on social media to get ready for September!

Student Activities

  • Instagram: @sac_gpss


  • Instagram: glenview.athletics


  • Instagram: @GPSS_IB

Other departments and clubs on Instagram:

  • @gpsstech
  • @gpssyearbook