Welcome to Glenview!

Students new to the WRDSB can submit a Student Registration Form and email to jacy_gomez@wrdsb.ca in order to pre-register for the 2022-2023 school year. Once submitted, we will contact you to schedule a registration appointment.

Students who have previously attended a WRDSB school must complete a paper registration form . This can be done at the time of the registration appointment or by bringing the completed form to the appointment.

If you are currently enrolled in a WRDSB  OR WCDSB Secondary School, please speak with your Vice-Principal and request a “Principal-to-Principal” transfer.

Other documentation required to register:

  • Proof of Age: Birth certificate or baptismal certificate or birth registration or passport
  • Foreign-born students require: Canadian citizenship card or passport or permanent resident card. Proof of date of entry to Canada may also be required
  • Proof of Address: A copy of a property tax or utility bill containing parent or guardian name and address of residence, or a copy of a rental agreement for a residence or offer to purchase a residence
  • Marks from the last school the student attended: A transcript or credit counselling summary and the most recent report card
  • Principal to Principal Transfer Form (required if the student is transferring from another high school in our region)

Please contact Jacy Gomez at (519)621-9510, Ext. 8-5520 to book your registration appointment.


International Students

Permanent Residents or Canadian citizens who are new to Canada and whose first language is not English, are asked to contact the Welcome Centre.  They will schedule an assessment appointment prior to registering with the school. Please call 519-576-3018.

International students wishing to register with a Visa, Study Permit, Refugee Claim, parents on a Work Permit, Exchange Students or in application of Permanent Residence must contact our International Admission and Enrolment department for an appointment. For more information please visit International Admissions at WRDSB