One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.

‒Frank Smith

Welcome to Languages!

Languages courses give you a greater range of career options and make you more marketable. Speaking a language other than English makes travel easier and enriches you by opening up a world of perspectives that differ from your own. Student who can speak and understand multiple languages will be in higher demand in a number of careers.

Teachers in The Languages Department at Glenview Park offer opportunities which, over one to four years, encourage and inspire students to be culturally aware, able to describe, converse, discuss, present, debate, and write well in the target language.

All Languages teachers at GPSS have honed their languages skills in French or Spanish speaking parts of the world.
We look forward to teaching you!

Department Members:
Ms. C. Wilson – Department Head
Mrs. A. Wright
Ms. Wade
Ms. LeVecchi

FSF 1DW / 1DI / 1PI