About the Fast Forward Program

Fast Forward is a unique diploma-granting program (OSSD) focusing on preparing students for the workplace. The program is designed to develop students’ literacy and numeracy skills in addition to their learning skills and employability skills necessary to be successful in a work environment. Students’ preparation for employment includes various opportunities for work-related learning experiences, including earning industry-recognized certificates. For a summary of the Fast Forward program, please view WRDSB Fast Forward Overview.

The Fast Forward Program meets the needs of a student who:

Has struggled with literacy and numeracy for a significant period of time;
Is academically 2-4 years out of phase;
Has had substantial accommodations or modifications to their elementary school program;
Has an Individual Education Plan (IEP)
Students in the Fast Forward program benefit from the opportunity to:

  • Earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)
  • Improve their reading, writing, and mathematical skills and gain greater confidence as a learner
  • Develop their learning skills and employability skills
  • Build an Employment Portfolio
  • Participate in work-related learning experiences (Co-op, Career Days, Employment Fair, team-building activities, etc.)
  • Earn certificates recognized by local employers (e.g., Safe Food Handling, WHMIS, WRDSB Sector Certificates, etc.)
  • Fast Forward provides a variety of programs, each one connecting the secondary school experience to a specific industry or sector.

Incoming Students

Application to the Fast Forward Program must be completed at your current elementary or secondary school through your guidance counsellor. For more information, contact the Guidance Department or the Fast Forward Program Head at GPSS 519-621-9510.

Can I get a Diploma in the Fast Forward Program?

YES!   Students in the program earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)- Just like any other student that attends high school.

GPSS, like all other high schools, offers academic programming at the Academic and Applied level.  These students earn an OSSD.  The Fast Forward Program is simply another academic level where students in the program also earn an OSSD.

Can I go to college?

Yes, some students transition to college from the program.  This can be done with careful planning and high levels of academic commitment from the student.

What are the benefits of the Fast Forward Program?

Smaller class sizes.   Fast Forward class sizes are smaller- typically 1 teacher and an Educational Assistant for every 18 students.

Students in the program are prepared for employment through learning work-related skills.

​Student learning skills and employability skills are emphasized.

Important Dates 

January 12, 2024- Due date for applications to the magnet program. The home school must complete applications.  (Application form will be available soon.)

February 09, 2024- Feeder schools will be notified about Fast Forward decisions.

February 16, 2024- Students must confirm acceptance.

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Applications must be completed by your current elementary or secondary school through your guidance counsellor.  To help you prepare what you will need for the application process, we have created a checklist for you, which includes a link to the Course Selection Sheet, that will need to be uploaded.  Application forms and checklist are available to teachers and administrators via email, please contact Bobbi-Jo Wade: bobbi-jo_wade@wrdsb.ca. 

Feeder schools for Glenview Park Secondary School’s Fast Forward Program

  • Avenue Road Public School
  • Cedar Creek Public School
  • Moffat Creek Public School
  • Rosemount 7th Inning Program
  • St. Andrew’s Public School
  • Stewart Avenue Public School