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There are three main styles of citation for research:  MLA style (used for Languages and English), APA style (used for Science, Geography, Psychology), and Chicago Manual style (used for History).  Use the following online tools for help with these citation methods and be sure to check that the citation generator has included all information correctly by referring to the style guides listed below. Confused? Ask Mrs. Mitchinson-Schwartz for help in the library.





MLA Citations

Library Learning Commons MLA Style Guide

Purdue University OWL MLA Style Guide

Modern Language Association (MLA)  website

Memorial University MLA Tutorials


APA Citations

Library Learning Commons APA Style Guide

Purdue University OWL APA Style Guide

American Psychological Association (APA) website

Memorial University APA Tutorials


Chicago Style Citations

Library Learning Commons Chicago Style Guide

Purdue University OWL – Chicago Style Guide

Memorial University Chicago Style Tutorials


Interactive Online Citation Tools

Citation Machine


EasyBib (MLA)


EasyBib Tool for citing images

APA Online Citation Tool Hack



You can also use Microsoft Word to insert citations. Just go under the menu, References, and Insert Citation. Follow the instructions to complete the citation. When using a corporate author, only use the box for last name and leave the first name open. As always, be sure to use the OWL Purdue guide to check your work.