Our Teachers

Mrs. Cairns (On leave semester 1, 2023)

Mrs. Jamula

Mr. Jarman (Department Head)

Mrs. Pauze

Mr. Nixon

Mr. Shaw

Mr. Weismiller

Mrs. Wood-Salomon

Our Courses

All Physical and Health Education courses at Glenview Park emphasize regular participation in a variety of activities that promote lifelong, healthy, active living.

Regular Phys. Ed (game focussed)






Students will develop skills in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities such as badminton, basketball, volleyball, weight training and health.

Live Fit (exercise focus)




These courses have an increased emphasis on the individuals’ personal level of fitness through activities such as cardiovascular activities, strength training and games. Cardiovascular, muscular skeletal, nutritional and community health concepts are explored.

Classroom Courses

TPJ3MI  (grade 11), TPJ4MI (grade 12)

These course focuses on the development of clinical skills needed to assess general health status. Students will learn about accepted health care practices and about how to perform various procedures, using appropriate instruments and equipment. They will learn about the human anatomy, immune system, pathology and disease prevention and treatment.

PLF4MI (grade 12 not offered in 2023)

This course is intended to develop leadership skills in the recreation and physical education fields. Students will learn the theory behind leadership, fitness promotion and event organization and apply this information to practical leadership tasks. This course will prepare students for college or university programs in recreation and leisure management and fitness and health promotion. CPR certification offered.

PSK4UI (Not offered in 2023)

This course will provide an effective foundation for students entering recreation, physical education or health science programs. The bio-scientific aspects of human movement form the major content components.

*PE Learning Skills

*Physed Participation Marking Rubric

*For further information see your guidance counsellor or Mr. Jarman.