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Vinyl Cutting

Vinyl Cutting with Cricut Design Vinyl is available for purchase for 75 cents an inch for t-shirt vinyl and 25 cents an inch for sticker/sign vinyl. Check with the circulation desk for vinyl colours.

Pathfinders/Assignments from 2017-18

2017-18 Semester 2 Mr. Weismiller’s TPJ4MI’s Research and Report APA Style Guide Ms. Sceviour’s HSP3UI’s Research and bibliography guide Mr. Sprenger’s CHY4UI’s Citation and Annotated Bibliography Guide Mr. Scheele’s CLN4UI research and annotated bibliography guide. Ms. Cairns’ CHT 3OI website credibility Mr. Gingerich CHC2D1 research and citation Ms. Beausoleil’s English MLA Citation Guide for essays and […]

Understanding Plagiarism

Academic Honesty/Plagiarism What is Plagiarism? In the presentation titled, “Academic Honesty-Principles to Practice”, Dr. Celina Garza defines plagiarism as “… the representation, intentionally or unwittingly, of the ideas, words or work of another person without proper, clear and explicit acknowledgment” (Garza, 2014). Basically, plagiarism is about not not giving credit to someone for their work, […]

Pathfinders/Assignments 2018-19

2018-19 Semester 2 Mr. Sprenger’s CHW 3UI World History Research Guide Ms Colbeck’s Grade 10 Civics class Research companion There are 6 links indicated in bold. Mr. Scheele’s CLN4U research assignment, citation guide for essays, and citation guide for presentations Mr. Sprenger’s HSP3UI Research and Chicago Style Bibliography Mr. Sprenger’s Research and Chicago style Citations for presentations […]