In the Fall of 2023, we launched the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) Math Achievement Action Plan (MAAP). We are pleased to share the work that is underway and the progress made. Together with families and caregivers, we are supporting increased student engagement and academic outcomes in mathematics.

The WRDSB Math Achievement Action Plan (MAAP)

To better prepare students for success in the classroom and for their future, the objectives of the MAAP are to improve mathematics achievement and success through the following key pillars:

  • Curriculum implementation
  • Educator math content training
  • Knowing the mathematics learner

The Plan in Action: Knowing the Mathematics Learner

While each student experiences similar day-to-day math lessons, educators understand and respond to the student’s mathematics strengths, needs and experiences. Sample strategies like the ones below allow a student’s classroom teacher to individualize each student’s math learning.

For example:

  • Direct feedback and skill development focus by the teacher may differ for each student
  • Students may spend time learning in a small group during math lessons
  • Additional school support staff may interact with and support math learning during class
  • Communication between home and the classroom teacher to build on the learning strengths and discuss the specific skills being focussed on
  • Teachers may support students in working on multiple grade level math skills at once
  • Students will be supported in continuing to learn current grade level math, while learning skills from previous grades

Monitoring the Plan: A Tiered Approach to Mathematics

A tiered approach is responding to a student’s math learning needs in a targeted way. Depending on the learner, multiple repetitions of key math skills may occur. In WRDSB classrooms, we can see that the tiered approach is benefiting students in a range of ways, including:

Increasing student capacity for mathematical reasoning
Growing student ability to perform grade level mathematical operations
Building student’s confidence in math

Read more about the Math Achievement Action Plan (MAAP).

Resources for Families and Caregivers

Curious how families and caregivers can support math learning at home? Any time you spend talking or learning about math at home will help your child thrive.

Ideas to foster a love of math and math skill development at home:

  • Notice and name the math in our daily lives at the grocery store, in games or in your work
  • Show you value math and are not afraid of learning math
  • Ask your child’s teacher about their math learning and how you can support at home

NEW! Free Online Tool: Knowledgehook

All WRDSB students in Grades 1 to 10 have access to Knowledgehook. It’s a digital tool that makes learning math more interactive and fun. Students engage with questions and problems, helping them:

  • Better understand math concepts
  • Grow their confidence in math

Learn more about how to access Knowledgehook.

More Online Resources

Measuring Our Progress

To support implementation of the MAAP, we will be:

  • Reporting our progress to the Ministry of Education
  • Providing updates to families and caregivers

In the 2023-24 Board Improvement and Equity Plan, we outlined several performance indicators to measure our progress, including in the area of mathematics. One of the key indicators for measuring success will be the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) assessment results.

We focused on the percentage of students:

  • Who met or exceeded the provincial standard in the Grade 3 and Grade 6 EQAO assessment of mathematics
  • Who met or exceeded the provincial standard on the 2022-2023 Grade 9 EQAO
  • Achieving a final grade of 70% or higher in Grade 9 De-streamed Math

This work is ongoing as the WRDSB continues to support student achievement and well-being guided by our Strategic Plan.

The ongoing reporting and assessment of our practices will ensure we are making data-driven decisions. These include:

  • Ministry reports
  • Report card data
  • Surveys

About the Math Achievement Action Plan (MAAP)

If you have specific questions about the WRDSB Math Achievement Action Plan and how to support your child’s learning, please reach out to your child’s teacher or school principal.

Learn more about the WRDSB Math Achievement Action Plan.