Halloween is just around the corner and this day that can be filled with excitement for many children. Halloween is often recognized with costumes and school activities, however it is important that schools continue to create a sense of belonging for each and every student.

We recognize that not all families celebrate Halloween. October 31 is a school day like any other, and we want families to feel that they can send their children to school without disruption. Teachers will offer activities that include all students, whether they are celebrating Halloween or not.


If you do decide to send your child off to school in a costume on Halloween, please check with your school on any guidelines they may have provided. Any costumes worn at school must be appropriate and respectful of others. If something is representative of a person’s culture or religious beliefs, then it should not be worn as another person’s costume.

Also please be aware that, for safety reasons, we do not allow children or adults to wear masks or to carry plastic weapons. Weapons, real or fake, are not to be brought to school on any day; Halloween is not an exception.

Our students come first and we are committed to creating safe and caring school communities. On Halloween, and everyday, let’s continue to create an environment where every child feels included, valued and treated with dignity.