Waterloo region sparkles with talented innovators creating new ideas from quantum computers and Hyperloop transport to progressive thinking on gender issues and social justice.

Whether it is high tech innovation or social innovation – changing our society and communities to become better places to live and work and raise a family – we know that Waterloo Region District School Board is a part of this rich community of world-class innovation.

As leaders, it’s our role to inspire our staff to see the potential in our students and to help our students imagine these futures for themselves. Today is World Teacher’s Day, a day we come together to reflect on the dedication and passion of teachers who are working to inspire the 63,000 students in this district to reach their potential and accomplish great things for Canada in the future.

October 5 is designated as World Teachers’ Day by UNESCO, a day devoted to improving and appreciating educators throughout the world. “Teaching in Freedom, Empowering Teachers” is the theme of this year’s World Teachers’ Day. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for Education requires teachers to enjoy professional independence, freedom and the tools needed to deliver quality education, which must take into account learners’ circumstances, needs and expectations.

Classrooms across our region are safe and inclusive, thanks to the freedom that our teachers, early childhood educators, educational assistants, child youth workers and many more have to work together to inspire the children of this region.

On behalf of the senior team and union partners, we would like to wish all of our teachers a happy World Teachers’ Day. Thank you for everything you do to innovate tomorrow by educating today.

John Bryant

Director of Education

Greg Weiler

ETFO Waterloo Region

Sherry Freund

OSSTF District 24