In a ‘typical’ year, Glenview would host Parent Night in early October, inviting parents, guardians and caregivers to meet with teachers to discuss student progress.  Due to COVID-19 precautions, we are unable to host an in-person Parent Night this year.


Instead of an in-person Parent Night, teachers will be sending progress reports to students by email during the week following Thanksgiving, October 13 to 16.  We will be using students’ wrdsb email addresses (every student has such an address).


Students, in turn, will be instructed to ensure the progress report is delivered to parents, guardians or caregivers.  Students should forward the report digitally to parents, guardians or caregivers, or print the report and hand-deliver.  (This process mimics our typical process, where paper progress reports are issued to students to take home.)


If, after reviewing the progress report, you would like to speak to your child’s teacher, please contact the teacher directly to arrange a mutually agreeable time.