Athletic Facilities

With 19 different sports and year round intramurals, Glenview Park’s athletics program provides exceptional opportunities for students of every skill level.  Glenview Park is fortunate to have outstanding athletic facilities.

  • 2 Full Double Gyms
  • A fitness centre equipped with free weights, bikes, treadmills, TRX, bosu balls, elliptical trainers and weight machines.
  • 500 sq. foot cardio/callisthenic room
  • 1 outdoor playing field and multiple outdoor practice areas
  • 400 metre running track
  • Health Care Lab

Additional facilities accessed off-campus include:

  • Duncan McIntosh Arena
  • Churchill Park
  • John Dolson Centre

Whether your goal is to play college football or simply to enjoy a good workout, Glenview Park sets you up to consider physical fitness a lifelong value.IMG_9727IMG_9677IMG_0449

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