Dates:  Monday, July 5 to Thursday July 29,  2021


Summer School will be available as online learning only.

Note:  Students must log in everyday (Monday to Friday) and are expected to spend 5.5 hours per day on their course work plus additional time for assignments and tests.

Students may take ONE full credit summer school course only.


How to register for summer school: 

  1.  Contact your Guidance Counsellor via your school email  


  1.  Provide the course code and a parent email is required.


Once students have been registered for summer school by their Guidance counsellor, students and parents will receive a confirmation email via the PRISM system. Currently students will receive a waitlisted confirmation, but will receive a confirmation email at a later date.


Grade 11 and 12 Summer School Course Options:


Grade 11                                       Grade 12

CGG3OI Travel and Tourism CLN4UI Canadian Law
DCO3O Co-operative Education ENG4CI English College level
EMS3OI Media Studies ENG4UI English University Level
ENG3CI English College Level MDM4UI Data Management Math
ENG3UI English University Level MHF4UI

Advanced Functions


EPS3OI Presentation and Speaking Skills OLC4OI Literacy Course
HSP3UI Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology University PSK4UI Kinesiology
ICS3UI Computer Programming SBI4UI Biology University
MCF3MI Functions and applications math SPH4UI Physics University
MCR3UI Functions
PPZ3CA Health for Life
SBI3UI Biology University
SCH3UI Chemistry University
SPH3UI Physics University



Grade 9 and 10 Summer School Course Options:


Grade 9                                                       Grade 10

ENG1DI Academic English CHC2DI Academic History
ENG1PI Applied English CHC2PI Applied History
MFM1PI Applied Math CHV2OH/GLC2OH Civics/Careers
MPM1DI Academic Math ENG2DI Academic English
MPM1H Transfer Math Credit ENG2PI Applied English
SNC1DI Academic Science MFM2PI Applied Math
SNC1PI Applied Science MPM2DI Academic Math
SNC2DI Academic Science