Glenview Cares Designs New Guide for Designated Drop Off

Greetings Panthers! We at Glenview Park SS are constantly striving to be better in all that we do. The Glenview CARES club decided to create a guide for drivers to help alleviate traffic congestion during drop off and pick up, as well as improving student safety and wellness. We have outlined a few designated drop off sections around the school as alternates to the busy front ‘horseshoe’ driveway. Students that require a ‘horseshoe’ drop o for accessibility or logistical needs (eg. carrying a large class project or musical instrument) should do so as needed. This way all staff and students are able to get to school more efficiently and the amount of idling caused by traffic will be significantly reduced.

See the Map on the other side that outlines entrances around the school suitable for student drop off. Please note that cars may NOT park/idle in the Teacher Parking Lot to drop o students, this area is high-lighted in red. Drop o sections on Glenview and McKay, highlighted in orange, are a maximum of 250m away (3-4 min) from the front doors of the school!

Please join our efforts to improve the efficiency of morning drop o as well as reducing traffic/emissions and improving the overall safety of staff and students.

Thank you for your cooperation.



–>For every 10 minutes your engine is o, you will prevent one pound of carbon dioxide from being released. (Carbon dioxide is the primary contributor to global warming)

–>The average car idles about 7.5 minutes per day. A car idling for 10 minutes uses as much fuel as it takes to travel 8 kilometers, and uses more than 102 litres of fuel a year.

–>Idling tailpipes spew out the same pollutants as moving cars. These pollutants have been linked to serious human illnesses including asthma, heart disease, chronic bronchitis, and cancer.

–>A short brisk walk in the morning can have many benefits. Students can experience improved alertness, mood and clarity.

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