Semester 2

Mr. Weismiller’s TPJ4MI’s Research and Report APA Style Guide

Ms. Sceviour’s HSP3UI’s Research and bibliography guide

Mr. Sprenger’s CHY4UI’s Citation and Annotated Bibliography Guide

Mr. Scheele’s CLN4UI research and annotated bibliography guide.

Ms. Cairns’ CHT 3OI website credibility

Mr. Gingerich CHC2D1 research and citation

Ms. Beausoleil’s English MLA Citation Guide for essays and for presentations

Mr. Sprenger’s HSP3UI Research and Chicago style citations for presentations

Ms. Colbeck’s ENG3CI podcast project. Assessing information on the net.

Mr. Sprenger’s CHY4UI research and citation using Chicago Style.

Mr. Elsdon’s SNC1DW and Ms. Skirrow’s SNC1DI Resource and Citation guide

Ms. Dmytrus Searching by image

Ms. Crawford’s SNC 2PI

Mr. Yeaman’s Grade 10 Civics: Start with the notice and wonder chartThe Big Sift for Current Events

Ms. Vodicka’s ENG1DW class: Academic Honesty IB Citation guide

IB Extended Essay: Research into Inquiry and Research Portfolio development

Mr. Jarman’s Kinesiology search and cite

Semester 1

Ms. Wood-Salomon’s PSA production

Mr. Kralt’s Acceleration Inquiry project

Mr. Gingerich’s HSB4UI research guide to the inquiry essay:

Ms. Gardiner’s, Mr. Bendus’, and Ms. Hall’s Careers classes: Digital Footprint

Mr. Kirkby’s and Mr. Scheele’s grade 9 Business class

Ms. McCrudden’s Grade 9 Geography gathering research link

and how to cite presentations using APA style and online tools.

Mr. Sprenger’s HSP 3UI-01 Sociology/Psychology Research Bibliography

Ms. Patterson’s ENG2DI Citing resources

Mr. Gingerich’s CHC 2DW’s research essay guide:

Ms. Hunter’s ENG3UW Interactive Oral presentation research

Ms. Hunter’s ENG 3UW Interactive Oral assignment research

Mr. Gingerich’s CHC 2DW research resources

Mr. Gingerich’s CHY 4UW class: research resources Narrowing down a topic for inquiry? Use this chart to guide you.

Ms Colbeck’s CWC2PI class research on Canadian Identity

Ms. Patterson’s ENG2DI News story poem project. Try these links to find a story.

Mme. Wilson’s FSF1D/W Projet de recherche. Suivez ces weblinks.

Mr. McKeown’s class can access the Digital Footprint presentation.

Mr. McKeown’s safety page

Mr. Sprenger’s CHW3MI Human Evolutionary Chain presentation. Use this link to research your information and review the resource presentation materials below.