2018-19 Semester 2

Mr. Yeaman’s HZT 4UI Boolean searches in Google, podcasts, and blogs

Ms. Berrisford’s ENG 1DW Academic Honesty and Anti-Plagiarism guide
Mr. Yeaman’s and Mr. Gingerich’s CHC 2DW Plagiarism and Argumentative Essay Guide

Mr. Sigter’s Careers Digital Footprint

Ms. Magnus’ SNC 2LI Invasive Species research and poster project (if you missed the class, come see Mrs. Mitchinson-Schwartz in the Library for a tutorial in Canva).

Ms. Colbeck’s Checking News Sources

Ms. Harris’ citing presentations

Mr. Quarrie’s CGW4UI Thesis development, research, and citation guide

Mr. Sprenger’s CHW 3UI World History Research Guide

Ms. Colbeck’s Grade 10 Civics class Research companion There are 6 links indicated in bold.

Mr. Scheele’s CLN4U research assignment, citation guide for essays, and citation guide for presentations

Mr. Sprenger’s HSP3UI Research and Chicago Style Bibliography

Mr. Sprenger’s Research and Chicago style Citations for presentations

Ms. Cairns’s HSP 3CI class research guide

IB Extended Essay Research Guide

Ms. Hunter’s and Mr Weismiller’s ENG2PI Library Orientation and Digital Citizenship

Ms. Vodicka’s ENG class on blogging

Ms. Harris’ Grade 10 Library Re-orientation

Ms. Krysko’s Grade 9 Orientation

Ms. Cairns’ HSP3UI Marvellous Library assignment

2018-19 Semester 1

Ms. Colbeck’s EMS3OI Delete Google account from iPad

Ms. Vodicka’s reource pathfinder for ENG 1DW Mythology

Ms. Magnus’ SNC 2DI guide to Research and Citation

Ms. Armstrong’s MDM4UI Guide to APA Citations

Ms. Skirrow’s and Ms. Magnus’ SNC1DI Guide to citing Science Fair Projects and Assignments

Mr. Sprenger’s CHY4UI Annotated Bibliography Guide

Mr. Sprenger’s HSP3UI Research and Chicago style citations for presentations

Mr. Sprenger’s HSP3UI Sociology/Psychology Research Bibliography

Ms. Hall, Ms. Dolson, Ms. Stimakovits, Mr. Donkergood Understanding your Digital Footprint 2

Ms. Vodicka’s grade 9 class: Library orientation

Ms. Lankveld’s grade 9 Library orientation

Ms. Miller and Ms. Smith Seto’s 9-12 class on Digital Footprint II

Ms. Woolley’s END 2DI class on Plagiarism

Ms. Woolley’s ENG3CI class podcasts

Mr. Sprenger’s grade 12 History class: Chicago style citations for presentations

Mr. Gingerich’s 4UW History class: Research support resources for IA