Dear Panther Graduates,

We want you to know that we have not forgotten you!

The WRDSB, and we at Glenview, recognize that Commencement Celebrations are crucial milestones in our students’ learning journeys. It is a time to acknowledge the accomplishments and hard work our students put forward in earning their diplomas.

We still plan to celebrate you and recognize your academic achievements.

Given the current COVID situation however, it will not be possible to move ahead with our traditional in-person Commencement Ceremony.  Planning is currently underway at the Board level to develop a concept for Commencement for all of the WRDSB Secondary Schools, that will honour our graduates while still meeting current health and safety requirements.

Here is what we know so far:

  • Commencement will be virtual this year.
  • Commencement will not take place on our tentative October 23rd date as we said last spring.  Instead, a November date is likely.

As information becomes available, we will keep you informed via the GPSS website.   In the meantime, it would be very helpful to know how to contact you by email and by phone.  Please take a moment and click here to complete the Google Form.